Thursday, January 30, 2014

VeGAL Performance T-Shirts are Here!!!

Welcome, fellow VeGALs!  In case you were wondering where I've been, well...I've been busy designing our new performance apparel short and long-sleeved tees sporting the VeGAL logo in front! There is an air of mystery about the name rather than an "in your face," potentially offensive message with a meat or political reference.  VeGAL, which stands for Vegan Girl AthLete, is a sophisticated community of dedicated female athletes of all ages, disciplines, levels and sizes!  We are not united in order to teach a lesson or give a lecture but rather to come together as a force in motion with a common bond...we train with a conscience; we are firmly planted (as the back of the shirt suggests).  I'm proud to announce that the shirts are manufactured in the USA using recycled materials and the result is a soft, lightweight, comfy shirt which offers sweat-wicking and UV protection capabilities by the company Atayne.  A portion of the proceeds benefit Farm Sanctuary, where they rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected farm animals- a cause I have always been passionate about.  The path to arriving at VeGAL can be a long and winding journey to say the least.  As women, we face many obstacles, challenges and adversity throughout our lifetime from body image and beauty to weight/health issues and hormonal imbalances, to relationships, careers, child-bearing, child-rearing, finances, etc.  True, we have many blessings but life does indeed throw us curve balls every now and again.  Through it all, it is our strict adherence to exercise while utilizing plant sources for fuel/apparel coupled with our strong convictions regarding animal welfare and environmental integrity that has paved the way for the birth of VeGAL.  I am ecstatic to offer these awesome performance tees, perfect before, during and after workouts as well for casual wear with jeans!  The more shirts sold, the more we can help the animals and best of all, we can express to the world pride in our belief system and hopefully the word will spread at how badass and hard core to the bone VeGALs truly are!!!  Please don't hesitate to support the VeGAL movement.  Visit to order your shirt and join the ranks of this elite group which upholds an elevated, incomparable philosophy.  A new website is also under construction, where VeGALs will have the chance to gather and share information and recipes.  Athletic events and meet ups will also be announced.  In the meantime, please enjoy our sister site,, where talented VeGAL editor Danielle Bussone offers a wealth of information as well as vegan/vegan friendly restaurant reviews. I also write a monthly column called "Food as Fuel" for those distance running junkies like myself. 
Thank you so much for your support.  VeGALs unite!