Monday, July 28, 2014

Have Skirt Will Twirl!

    "It doesn't matter how you feel it's how you look dahling, and you look mahvelous!"  You might be old enough, like myself, to remember this timeless line by Billy Crystal as he portrayed Fernando Llamas on Saturday Night Live many years ago.  As VeGALs (VeganGirlAthLetes), we are careful not to utilize animal-derived products for our benefit but who says we all can't look Mahvelous?  I mean, aren't we health conscience?  Don't we go to great lengths to maintain a healthy weight for our body type?  Aren't we concerned about premature aging, using plant-based, cruelty-free preventative methods? We bust our butts to the point of sheer exhaustion sometimes to look good.  No matter how old or how bad ass we are, at the end of the day, we are still girls and we want to look pretty, right?  That NEVER gets old!!!
     Two of my idols always wear skirts (and matching bra tops) by Running Skirts...Catra Corbett a.k.a. Dirt Diva, also a VeGAL, and Dr. Juli Goldstein, a.k.a Ms. USA Petite 2013, veterinarian and vegetarian.  Catra is a serious ultra runner (around 300 with her fave distance being 100 miles) and hard core fitness athlete and Dr. Juli is an accomplished ultra runner.  Check out to view the many adorable colors, patterns and options!

They both recently crewed for team Finding Nimmo (Juli was chief) at the Badwater135.  Talk about badass!! They both take great strides with their apparel to look cute and tough at the same time while running through the wilderness and getting down and dirty!  Girl power gets them through the toughest of times, never forgetting who they are or where they came from.  Watch out running dudes, you're about to get chicked!!!
     For me personally, the running skirt/skort has proven both practical and comfy, especially during my first 50 miler not that long ago.  I wore the Moving Comfort Running Skirt with patterned compression short, all made from recycled materials, which I purchased online (in purple and gray) from  They hold up so well, with sweat-wicking properties, lots of storage and no chafing! 

     I discovered that when I wear a skirt, I just want to twirl and celebrate being a girl!!!  In fact, I think it's growing into an obsession!  I want to wear a skirt when I run all the time.  I need one in every color!!  Having been through (still going through) a domestic crisis, my running is my salvation!  On the one hand, I never thought I would ever have to take on so much disappointment and grief but on the other hand, it is my female instincts which have made me rise above such adversity and set new goals for myself.  To that end, my perseverance has paid off and I am honored to be selected as a runner for #oiselleteam.  If you aren't familiar, Oiselle (French for female bird) is an up and coming company founded by a fab, not to mention accomplished runner, Sally Bergesen and run by a small team of great women, specializing in women's running, yoga and swimming apparel.  I cannot wait to slip on the Bum Wrap (light and non chafing), Oiselle's answer to the running skirt, when budget allows of course, lol.  The compression shorts peek out of the short wrap around skirt, creating an athletic and very flattering look. Please visit for all your fitness needs and get ready to fly!!! #gofasttakechances #headupwingsout
     So VeGAL, if running is your thang, won't you consider the running skirt/skort?  With so many choices out there, surely you will find the right fit and when you do, spin and spin and spin. Twirl 'til your heart's content!  Let it be a reminder of who you are, not matter how difficult the challenge may be.  You are strong, confident and determined.  Let nothing or no one stand in your way.  Send a message to others that you are NOT to be messed, don't let the skirt fool you...we are kick ass!!!  It's better to look good than to feel good and dahling, you look mahvelous!!