Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who Are you Wearing?

     I know, I sound like Joan Rivers on the Red Carpet!  But seriously, from one VeGAL (Vegan Girl AthLete) to another, what we wear is just as important as what we eat!!!  After all, VeGALs adhere to a highly structured, plant-based, cruelty-free paradigm so it would make no sense whatsoever to purchase apparel/shoes derived from animal sources including leather, silk or wool.  That said, it is worth taking the time to discover those companies that manufacture materials using either synthetic or sustainable materials, especially ones who are making a conscious effort to be more animal/environmentally friendly.  Simply put, animals are our friends.  If you claim to be an animal lover then it doesn't make sense that you would eat or wear them for any reason, right?  Finding "kind" products is much easier than you think!  Most athletic/performance apparel seems to consist of synthetic materials (e.g. polyester) by default as they are highly effective for their drying/cooling/sweat-wicking properties.  To take it one step further, there are some companies going above and beyond to reduce their carbon footprint as well as maintain a cruelty-free approach to manufacturing products.
     I would be remiss if I didn't mention my beloved Newton running shoes as they are all made from synthetic materials.  My other fave shoes, Skechers Go run series, are also derived from synthetic sources (although Skechers does indeed sell leather shoes).  But the one company I would like to highlight is Atayne, out of Maine.  They have developed performance apparel made solely out of recycled water bottles.  I was fortunate enough to have received an Atayne t-shirt (no sarcasm intended) from my beloved as a gift from his Mount Desert Island marathon in Maine. Of course, an invitation to accompany him would've been better but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved how the shirt held up in the abysmal heat and humidity known as So Fla on any given day!!  Don't worry, I did give him sh*t for it but overall I am blessed that he supports this VeGAL to no end!!!  I did get a promise from him that he would take me along next time!
Damn straight! When you get a chance, please visit the Atayne website and like them on Facebook.  I am currently collaborating with them to develop VeGAL performance short/long sleeved shirts so I will keep everyone posted as to their availability.
     Another company that deserves kudos is Moving Comfort for their high-quality fitness apparel and undergarments.  MC now offers a Sprint Tech Skort made from recycled plastic bottles and odor-fighting mesh made from coffee grounds.  I just ordered one from, using my VIP discount, saving me around $10 (they come in 4 different colors/patterns and have zippers/pockets in a few secret places).  Can't wait for its arrival...will follow up with a review!
     VeGALs train with a conscience.  We are firmly planted!!!  Have a green day!!!

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