Monday, March 24, 2014

What it Means to be a VeGAL

Becoming a VeGAL (Vegan Girl AthLete) isn't merely about plants vs. animals.  Being a VeGAL isn't simply about a (cool) name or label.  Saying you are a VeGAL isn't just about expressing a particular attitude.  Becoming a VeGAL is about adopting a particular way of life!!!  When you arrive at the decision to become a VeGAL, you have come to the conclusion that you are committed to following an elevated philosophy; that you are unwavering in your convictions.  The belief is that our chosen athletic disciplines are a part of us, not just a phase.  Even if injury should sideline us from our favorite sport, we still find a way to maintain our fitness through alternate channels. We are dedicated to upholding a regular workout regimen, fueled and outfitted strictly by plant sources...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  VeGALs do not have to be elite athletes, but we are definitely elite when it comes to how we value life, any life, human or animal.  We are all equal!  Thus, no animals are harmed in the making of a true VeGAL.  Sure, the journey to get here can be quite a tricky one along the way, filled with obstacles, challenges and pitfalls.  If it were simple, maybe everyone would do it.  But, once you make that determination, staying a VeGAL is easy thanks to the ever-increasing vegan trend around the world.  Plant-based nutrition is now at your fingertips, cruelty-free beauty products/apparel abound.  Never mind those skeptics, the ones who love to tease or bring you down...veganism is here to stay!  To take it one step further, becoming a VeGAL means you are joining a sophisticated community of vegan female athletes who uphold a plant-based paradigm.  Not only are we strong physically, we are strong in our belief system regarding animal welfare and environmental integrity!  We are beautiful from the inside out!  VeGALs run, swim, bike, hike, spin, ski, walk, Crossfit, practice yoga/pilates, play tennis, lift weights, do martial arts or Zumba!  We come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all levels.  We struggle just like our non-vegan female counterparts with health, weight, beauty, body image, hormones, emotions, relationships, financial issues, etc.  What sets VeGALs apart from everyone else is that we share a common bond...we are hard core, down to our very core!!!  Like the precious lotus flower, we rise above adversity yet we are no shrinking violet!  VeGALs are in constant motion!!! Unfortunately, we are still a rare breed, spread out far and wide, leaving us feeling lonely and isolated at times in our endeavors. We must build our unity through social media for support, information exchange and inspiration.  Please like my facebook page, VEGAL, vegan girl athletes, or follow me on twitter @VegalAndrea for the latest tips, products, recipes, events, etc.  Feel free to share pics/info too!  Make a statement, raise awareness, spread the word by sporting the VeGAL high-quality, lightweight performance tee shirt made from recycled materials with sweat-wicking/SPF properties at, where a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting Farm Sanctuary rescue organization.   I'm excited to embark on this next chapter with you!  Training with a conscience; staying firmly planted...VeGALs unite!!!

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