Sunday, August 31, 2014

Haters Want to Be Us!

     Welcome back fellow VeGALs (VeganGirlAthLetes) and welcome to my blog if you are new to the VeGAL movement.  Whether you are a long-time veg, recently vegan or just beginning to embark on your plant-based journey, becoming a VeGAL means embracing a lifestyle consisting of compassionate health, nutrition, beauty, fashion and fitness.  We take veganism to a whole nutha that is elevated, sophisticated, refined and inspired which means VeGALs strive to stay positive regardless of the not-so-positive situations we unfortunately find ourselves in more often than not.  I'm pretty sure that we all have similar stories to share from being the butt of people's jokes to getting constantly lectured, being scrutinized from head to toe to even being harassed.  The bottom line is this...haters want to be us!  When we keep that in mind, it makes it easier to let other's negative energy roll off our backs!  After all, VeGALs demonstrate strong convictions, not to mention unwavering commitment, to our plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle.  How many people can actually say that?  I mean, many folks claim to be animal lovers yet somehow they have no problem disconnecting the food on their plates from the innocent animals it came from.  It is one thing to be a dog/cat lover, but to say you love all animals equally...hmmm... that is not something people are ready, willing and able to accept.  As VeGALS, utilizing animal products/byproducts for our benefit in any way is NOT an option.  We as VeGALs represent an elite group of dedicated female athletes, all shapes, sizes, levels and disciplines who utilize only plant-based products to fuel our well-oiled machines while paying mind to animal welfare as well as environmental integrity.  We are COMPASSIONFIT!!!
     That said, we are bound to face judgment, criticism, sarcasm and resentment throughout our lifetime.  Uneducated, uninformed, ignorant, opinionated and outspoken assholes are unavoidable!  We can't hide from them and live in caves or under rocks or banish ourselves to vegan colonies...we must put our best foot forward as we face adversity and not let those folks try and bring us down or get a rise out of us.  That is exactly what they aim to do in an attempt to make them feel better about themselves.  When you know in your heart where you stand, no one can knock you down.  As our philosophy goes...Training with a conscience; staying firmly planted, VeganGirlAthletes!  Never let 'em see you sweat, that is, unless they see you working your tush off to stay fit and healthy where no animals were harmed!  VeGALs are badass, right down to our cores!!!
     The best advice I can give if you are confronted by some idiot is to just laugh it off and carry on... teach by example.  Maintaining a sense of humor is key!  Those people who are most vocal are the ones who probably question their own convictions the most!  Remember, there is power in numbers!  VeGALs stand united! Show your VeGAL pride and spread the word.  Join our facebook page at and connect with VeGAL sistas from all over the world.  Become a VeGAL on Instagram using "vegal" plus your name, follow me @vegalandee.  Check out our webpage, to purchase a performance tee made from recycled materials to benefit Farm Sanctuary.  We are currently working on a new running tank with and will keep you posted.
     And remember...haters want to be us 'cuz we are COMPASSIONFIT!

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