Friday, December 19, 2014

The Vegal Arsenal!

     Don't leave home without them!!!  What on earth am I referring to??? The Vegan Aresenal is any portable plant-based nutritional supplement or combo (added to food) that will come in handy when dining out or traveling to unknown parts where vegan options may be quite limited.  Expect the minimum and you won't be disappointed.  Come prepared and you can create your own nutritional powerhouse that will leave your non-vegan counterparts speechless (let's see them try and poke fun of you now!!).   Simply prepare small baggies of various non-perishable plant foods to carry in your purse (or fanny pack lol). There are even small packets of olive/coconut oil on the market in 6 or 10-count boxes. Then off you go to your worry-free meal!  You may wish to carry extra for your envious companions (although they hate to admit it).
     So you only see a garden salad (make sure there is no cheese) or some kind of meat-infiltrated entree salad (that you will most definitely have to pay the same price for sans meat) and a plain baked potato/white pasta on the menu?  Have no fear... tasty and hearty toppings are here! Whip out your oil packet or ask for some olive oil as well as balsamic vinegar for the salad then pull out your bag of tricks!  Sprinkle your nuts of choice like cashews, walnuts or almonds (a drupe, not a nut btw), and seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, hemp or chia, and finish off with your coconut bacon, a little salt and pepper and bam!  You have a salad fit for a king...or vegan queen!  In many instances, dining establishments will actually have peanuts or trail mix available which are not on the menu. Wherever you go, always ask for avocado, which they should have!!  They will probably want to charge you extra but you can argue your point that it is replacing the meat!  If you are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts or certain seeds...that must SUCK for you as a vegan!!! Have you tried those new TigerNuts yet?

     When it comes to the potato or pasta, remember...don't fear carbs, you need the complex ones for extended energy, as long as they are consumed with the proper balance of protein and fats!  How else are you gonna fill up?  With pasta, whole wheat is preferred and luckily, it is becoming increasingly available in mainstream restaurants!  But if you find yourself limited to only white pasta, choose to have a small portion, plain, topped with steamed veggies (chefs/servers are more than willing to accommodate if you just ask). Whether potato or pasta, use some olive/coconut oil in place of butter, throw on steamed broccoli, spinach or whatever fresh veggies are available that night (and don't forget to specify "no butter"), plus fresh herbs like basil if possible, then sprinkle a generous amount of your nutritional yeast on top (better than any parmesan cheese), followed by nuts/seeds, spices, some more coconut bacon and the kicker...Sriracha or Tabasco (your own little bottle if you prefer). To add a rich and creamy texture to your entree, mix in any avocado left over from the salad or snag a dollop of guacamole!  I always can never have enough of that green gold since it consists of the good fats!!!

     For dessert, let your meaty friends feast their eyes on your fresh fruit or sorbet topped with either coconut salted caramel or dark chocolate shreds (or some more bacon lol)!  Sure, their molten lava brownie bottom pie or deep fried cheesecake will look scrumptious at the time but remember...a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!  You will walk out of there feeling energized and satisfied while your company will be sluggish and sleepy.  Perfect for them as they are sleeping in the next day while you will spring to your feet before sunrise for your daily hard core workout!  After all, you are a Vegan Girl with a conscience; staying firmly planted.
VeGALS unite!!!

Train hard, fuel hearty!
VeGAL Andee

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