Sunday, June 23, 2013

Could You Be a VeGAL?

Welcome to my VeGAL blog.  In case you were wondering...VeGAL stands for Vegan Girl AthLete!  No matter what your discipline, if you are a dedicated endurance/hard core fitness athlete who maintains a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle then you ARE a VeGAL!  Our bodies are our temples and as such, we are governed by a certain set of ideals, we practice with an elevated philosophy.  We may be cruel in a sense to our bodies when it comes to training yet we are cruelty free when it comes to animals and the environment.  No, I am NOT a doctor nor am I a registered dietician/licensed nutritionist, although some folks insist I am certifiable!!!  I am proud to say I have evolved into a VeGAL from the school of hard knocks AND pains like shin splints, adductor/hip flexor injuries, hamstring pulls, plantar fasciatis, heel spurs, extreme dehydration, exhaustion, hypothyroidism, childbirth, child rearing, divorce and ridicule!!!  Whether you consider yourself a VeGAL or you just simply wish to learn more about plant-based nutrition as it relates to female athletes, I hope you find my blog insightful, relevant and useful.  Don't be so quick to judge!  Just hear me out, take it in stride!  Please say you are along for the ride!   

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