Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pre-workout fuel suitable for VeGALs

Working out in the sweltering heat of Summer Everywhere USA may help you look svelt but can leave you feeling exhausted and fatigued. If you don't take the proper steps to hydrate prior to and during rigorous exercise then you run the risk of becoming severely dehydrated and then it's...TOO LATE (see Jerry Seinfeld on Jimmy Fallon, YouTube). Your healthy-looking VeGAL facade may suddenly turn you into a gaunt-looking Edvard Munch muse.  But hey, don't sweat it!  Finding plant-based nutritional drink products specifically formulated for pre/during workouts has become a lot easier these days.  From your local grocer to a specialty markets like Whole Foods or online health/nutritional stores (Tunie's,,, there are several different products I would like to suggest which support the demands of the vegan endurance/hard core fitness athlete (VeGAL).  Such products support endurance, extend stamina and maintain mental focus while reducing fatigue. The one product which is most readily available is plain old coconut water! Found by the bottled water just about everywhere, CW is relatively affordable, palatable and mixes well when combined with powders or juices.  It contains all the essential electrolytes that can be lost when schvitzing!  I make my own concoction consisting of an Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak with a scoop of ActiveFuel or Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer (the latter two contain electrolytes and plant-based proteins), some water and ice.  All products are natural and free of animal ingredients.  If you are in a bind and have no choice but to drink Gatorade then use it sparingly as it contains bromide, a flame retardant, which studies have found may be carcinogenic. In extreme heat, with workouts over one hour, or when you are running from water fountain to water fountain, bring along some electrolyte capsules to wash down with H2O. Get creative and be your own vegan mixologist and see what works best for you.  But don't get careless or think for one minute that you don't need any of that stuff because although you are a bad ass VeGAL, you are still human and if you neglect your personal temple long enough, it will be TOO LATE!  

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