Thursday, October 24, 2013

Veggin' Out and About!!!

Hey there VeGALs!  Great news...I am now a staff writer/contributor for an awesome website called Veggin' Out and About, a restaurant and market guide for the veggie loving traveler, brain child of Danielle Bussone, co-founder/editor,  I get to review vegan/vegan-friendly joints in the South Florida area as well as those cities I may be visiting, usually for a marathon (sometimes just for pleasure).  My perspective is different than the other writers in the sense that I am looking for either pre-race fuel or post-race recovery that is whole-foods, plant-based! As it goes for VeGALs, some indulgence is allowed on occasion as a reward like french fries (from a dedicated fryer with veggie oil) or a basket of tortilla chips with fresh guacamole, washed down with a vegan-friendly wheat beer which works better than ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory agent. For dessert, some dark chocolate or sorbet, perhaps or a bowl of rich and creamy coconut ice cream.  VeGALs don't count calories!!!  We don't have to since we maintain a steady balance between our work out ethic and our plant-based nutrition.  So when we discover a fab new restaurant with delicious vegan fare, we don't hesitate to order practically everything off the menu. Since we train with a conscience, and we are firmly planted, there is no room for guilt!

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