Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rest: The Best Workout!

 Me and Shaun T...we tight (poor grammar intended, I'm trying to be cool)!  Well, we're not exactly besties!  Heck, he doesn't even know who I am!  But boy am I a huge fan (borderline stalker) of his!!! And he is definitely tight!  I mean, have you seen his rock hard abs(RHA's)? Lucky for me, my running partner is a close second. If you work out to Insanity, you can't help but notice Shaun T's abs.  We share the same core values...whatever rigorous activity we are engaged in, we are always engaging our core!!! You would think by now I would have washboard abs but unfortunately I wasn't designed that way and my love for all things carb certainly doesn't help.  Yet I haven't given up!  A strong core means strong everything else (sorry, I lack sophistication).  It supports your overall framework, keeps you strong and healthy, and can help to prevent injuries related to ITB, hamstrings, hip flexors, knee/joint integrity, etc. What I love most about Insanity is how Shaun T encourages taking frequent breaks, especially if you are feeling fatigued. If you lose your form, rather than continue on, losing the benefits of the workout as well as risking injury, he suggests you shake it out, grab a drink, rest for a sec, regroup and join in again.  You see...rest is key!!!  Same goes for running...there's no point in running on empty!  It's okay to walk or stretch it out, take frequent breaks, and hydrate as you feel before it's too late! For VeGALs, I strongly suggest a pre/during drink mix called activfule+ Sports Nutrtion which contains brown rice protein for stamina support and recovery!  Best of all, it is plant based...ain't no crappy whey protein in this potent powder which means no animals harmed, better digestion and quicker transport of fuel where needed!  Rest is NOT the enemy, exhaustion is!!!  Listen to your body, treat it like the temple that it is, replenish with only the finest plant-based ingredients! Along hose lines is what I strongly recommended for VeGALs (and all other endurance athletes) known as the "scheduled rest day (SRD)."  It is a designated day off each week from any type of strenuous exercise to allow for recovery and repair.  I know, I know, VeGALs may worry about getting fat if g-d forbid you miss a day. But rest assured, you WON'T pack on the lbs in one day unless you stuff your face with french fries and pasta all day in a feeding frenzy, leading to a carb coma which I doubt since you are well-oiled and only crave healthy whole foods, right????  In any case, if you push yourself on tired legs/frame, you are only logging in junk miles which is a total waste! Less is more! If you give up a day, giving your muscles, bones and brains a break, guaranteed you will feel fresher for your next workout, especially if it's a long run, race, tri event, tennis/cross fit tourney! Your body will thank you and you may even score a medal in the process!  My reward...my running partner with the RHA's! Priceless!
As always, VeGALs train with a conscience!  We are FIRMLY PLANTED!


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